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Process Chart

1. Collection/Pick up
Waste papers are collected from collection bins and deposited in a big recycling container along with the paper collected from other collection bins. So, all kinds of paper go into a single large container.
2. Transportation
All the recovered or collected paper waste then get transported to the paper recycling plant on a collection van or truck.
3. Sorting
After getting transported into recycling plants, papers are sorted into different paper categories such as cardboard, newspapers, newsprint, magazine paper, computer paper etc. as different types of papers are treated differently in the next stages of the process to produce different types of recycled paper products.
4. Compressed Waste paper
Our highly skilled professionals manufacture this baler in compliance with the international quality standards using supreme quality components and advanced technology. We offer this baler in various technical specifications at market leading prices to the clients.
5. Delivery of Company & Export
It exports to domestic paper companies and other countries such as China and Taiwan.